School Regulations

School Regulations

Wear the school uniform to class
Salute the instructor before and after class
No smoking or alcohol in the classroom
No fighting or brawling in the classroom
Call the School if you are going to be absent from class
Participate in regional and international Tai Chi competitions
Attend school events and activities
Do not practice Push Hand or San Da with people outside of our school
Defend the reputation of the Teacher and of the school
Promote and develop Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan

Chen Family Tai Chi Chuan Requirements

Benevolence – Kindness towards others
Bravery – Willing to stand up for a just cause
Fairness – Impartiality, Just and non-prejudice towards others
Honesty – Truthful, Free from deception, Honorable
Integrity – Maintaining a code of decency, honesty and sincerity
Loyalty – Faithfulness and devotion
Morality – Virtuous, Maintaining a standard of correct conduct
Nobility – Broad mindedness, Moral excellence
Propriety – Dignity of bearing, Standard of acceptable conduct and speech
Respect – Esteem for ones¡¯ teachers and elders
Righteousness – Upright, Knowing and doing what is right
Trustworthiness – Dependable, Reliable, Worthy of confidence

Summary of Wu De (Martial Arts Virtues)

Choose a teacher with integrity
Cultivate trust between you and the teacher
Respect the Art, teacher, yourself and others
Develop a good relationship with your teacher
Always speak respectfully to others
Practice self control and do not use your Martial Skills without deliberation
Nurture kindness and compassion
Be mondesty
Persistently overcome obstacles while maintaining humility
Be involved in your school and community ethics