The Recognition of Master Cheng Jincai by the Chen Family Committee

The news posted on the World Hall of Frame Network states that the USA team, led by Master Cheng Jincai, has been the focal point in the 3rd International Taijiquan Exchange Competition in Jiaozuo, China, and in the media. This well deserved attention and success is due to the team’s tremendous skill level, which sets it apart from the teams of other countries.

One note of historical import is that the highest official of the Chen Family Committee of Chen Village, the birthplace of Chen Style Tai Chi, recognized Master Cheng as a gracious and respectful 19th Generation Chen Tai Chi descendant and a direct disciple of the 18th Generation Master Chen Zhao Kui. Accordingly, Master Cheng was awarded an official certificate of recognition as “The 19th Generation Disciple of the 18th Generation Grand Master Chen Zhao Kui” by the Chen Family Committee.

On August 18, 2005, Master Cheng Jincai, along with Jason Hunt and Louis Orlando Aquina, attended the appreciation banquet for the Chen Family Committee, which was held in Chen Village and hosted by Master Cheng’s elder brother Cheng Tincai. During the banquet, Master Cheng expressed his gratitude by offering a toast to the trust and support of the Chen Family, the creation of Chen Tai Chi by Chen’s ancestor, and the teaching of Grand Master Chen Zhaokui. Master Cheng attributed his success to the support of Grand Master Chen Zhaokui, his parents, and his family.

The Chen Family Committee member, 19th generation Chen Tung Shan, replied, “The Chen Family Committee welcomes Master Cheng’s return to China and to the Chen Family’s home town. The Chen Family Committee holds Master Cheng in the highest regard and understands that his character exemplifies the canon of traditional Martial Arts ethics. The committee feels it is the honor of Chen Village and Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan to have Master Cheng in the lineage.”

Following this, the assistant supervisor of the Chen Family Committee, 20th generation Chen Laiding added, “Good traditional Martial Arts ethics (Wu Duk) is important not only in practicing Tai Chi Chuan but in being a person of excellence as well. A person without Wu Duk will gain no respect from others. Most importantly, Master Cheng teaches people in America Chen Tai Chi and Wu Duk at the same time.”

Next, the 22nd generation Chen Mantong said, “The committee welcomes the USA team to China and hopes that Master Cheng will continue his efforts in the development of Chen Style Tai Chi in America and, in cooperation with the Chen Family, to elevate Chen Style Tai Chi to a higher level internationally.”

Another committee member, the 17th generation Chen Ginyau said, “We saw the way you followed Grand Master Chen Zhaokui in learning his Tai Chi and the way you took care of him in his later years, and this is very much appreciated by the Chen Family Committee. The Chen Family takes Wu-Duk very seriously. Your Wu-Duk is recognized by the committee. In Martial Arts, one does not have to fight or quarrel with any one who said you are not a good Martial Artist. This is Wu-Duk the Martial Art virtual.

The 19th generation Chen TungShan further stated, “All in all, the traditional martial art ethic is the most important characteristic. To gain respect from others, one needs to respect others. Therefore, to respect others is to respect ones self.”

Finally, the supervisor of the Chen Family Committee, 20th generation Chen Yetwah concluded, “I want to take this opportunity to represent the Chen Family Committee in expressing our gratitude to Cheng Tincai for organizing this meeting which itself is a very special and uncommon event. In concern of the matter regarding Cheng Jincai, the committee and I understand. All members of the Chen Family Committee and the Chen Family agree unanimously that Cheng Jincai is the successor of the 18th generation Grand Master Chen Zhaokui and therefore the official 19th generation lineage. I know there are three types of people in Martial Arts. The first type is those who will repay gratitude after taking. This kind of person will gain respect from others and is the example to be followed by all Tai Chi practitioners. Cheng Jincai is this type of person. The second kind is those who won’t repay gratitude after taking. This kind of person is unwelcome and disliked. The third kind is those who will do harm after taking. This kind of person is the worst and will have a bad reputation for life. All Tai Chi practitioners should avoid imitating this type of character. Today, I announce that any news about Jincai will be collected by the Chen Family Committee and catalogued in the dedicated file in the Ancestor’s Hall. Now, I will present you the first certificate noting that you are the successor of the 18th generation Grand Master Chen Zhaokui.”

Master Cheng Jincai received the certificate and replied excitedly, “Thank you to everyone for the trust and care you have shown to me. I am just doing what I should do and will continue with even greater effort.”