Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method(PREFACE)

Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method promotes proper body posture, control of breathing, mental concentration and rhythmic body movement so that the internal and external elements affecting the body are harmonized. Practicing Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method calms your mind, coordinates your body movements, and results in greater physical energy. Regular practice will strengthen the immune system and increase personal wellness.

The human body and the natural environment should be considered as a whole. There is a close relationship between the human body and the whole universe. As there is a close relationship between the human body and the natural environment, there are also relationships between the body’s internal organs as they react and respond to each other. The focus of Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method is to teach the mental coordination required raise consciousness to a level where breathing and body movement are coordinated as one. Breathing exercises are performed by breathing in through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. The fresh air is drawn into the “life gate” and as the fresh air descends to the “Dan Tien”, it brings the essence in the air to nutrify the center of the body. Through exhaling from the center of the body through the mouth, the turbidity and byproducts are removed from the body and the result is improved health and wellness. Regular practice is the core of this exercise.

Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method has eleven training methods. Each exercise can be practiced individually or they may be practiced in combinations. Combining training methods can be directed toward achieving both action and tranquility as well as focusing on internal and external aspects. Focusing on the internal aspects of the exercises will boost your energy while the external aspects will improve your physical strength.

Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method is one of the best ways to balance our nervous system. It utilizes specific methods to collect, accumulate, smooth, solidify, and exercise the Qi that are derived from Chen Style Taichi through combining the elements of mental concentration, physical movement and deep breathing.

Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method acts on the body in four ways:

1. Balancing Yin and Yang

Chinese Medicine teaches that the body relies on the dynamic balance of “Yin” and “Yang”. These two opposing forces drive the functioning of the tissues and organs. Yin is best described as static and at rest while Yang can be described dynamic and active. When the opposing forces of Yin and Yang are balanced in the tissues, organs, and blood, the body will be resistant to disease and will stay healthy. One of the most important ways to maintain the balance of Yin and Yang is to take charge of mental activities and learn to relax the mind. Calming the mind is necessary to alleviate pressure, stress and related mental disorders. Internal Energy Cultivating Method teaches methods to relax the mind and diminish pressure and stress.

2. Harmonizing Qi and Blood

Qi and blood are closely related. Qi is carried throughout the body by the blood and at the same time, the quality of the blood is controlled by Qi. Blood provides the nutrients for Qi. A deficiency of either blood or Qi will result in disorders.

Qi has five functions: promoting, warming, defensive, checking, and transforming. Qi is one of the important substances in maintaining the body’s vital functions. In Qi-Kong and Taichi, the first step is to learn to cultivate Qi. Once Qi has been acquired, Qi can be generated at will and refined by practicing regularly.

3. Promoting Circulation in the Meridians and Collaterals

The meridians and collaterals are the pathways of Qi and blood. They form a complete system to circulate Qi and blood to the whole body. Where there is poor circulation of the Qi, because of stagnation or obstructions, the vital activities of tissues and organs will be adversely effected. The result of poor circulation will be physical disorders. Qi promotes the circulation of blood in the meridians and collaterals. When practicing Internal Energy Cultivating Method you will be aware of an increase in blood circulation and in the vital activities of the body as evidenced by an increase in vigor.

4. Formation of Essential Qi

Qi is the fundamental and essential element in maintaining vital activities of the human body. There are three classifications of Qi. The first and most important of all is the Yuanqi, or zhenqi, this is the primary Qi. Yuanqi is stored in the kidney and its main function is to promote normal growth and development. The second Qi is Yinqi also known as nutrient Qi. Yinqi is derived from food essence and the main function of Yinqi is to provide nourishment to the whole body. The third type of Qi is Zongqi or clear Qi. Zongqi is inhaled by the lung from nature and is stored in the chest in a place the Chinese call Tan-Zhong. Zongqi promotes the lung’s function of controlling respiration. Zhongqi also fills the heart channel to promote and adjust the circulation of Qi and the blood. Zhongqi is closely related to body warmth, vision, and the strength of the pulse.

By practicing Cultivating Internal Energy Method, all three kinds of Qi will be strengthened and they will improve the functioning of all parts of the body. When all three types of Qi are developed, the body will have reached it’s optimal functional condition and remain healthy for a long life.

Requirements for Practicing “Chen Style Tai Chi Cultivating Internal Energy Method“

1. Concentrate and Relax

The first step is to relax. Relax the mind and the muscles. Both the interior and exterior of the body need to be relaxed. Clear the mind and concentrate so that the maximum benefit can be obtained.

2. Coordinate Movement and Breathing

When practicing Internal Energy Cultivating Method, the first step is to learn the details of each movement. Precise movement and proper breathing are the objectives of the exercise. There are different kinds of breathing techniques such as continuous, long, light, deep inhale and exhale. Breathing in through the nose and breathing out through the mouth. Do not breath too quickly or too strong and do not hold the breath. The length of the breath depends on the speed of the movement.

3. Time and Clothing

Wear loose clothing. Do not eat too much or drink alcohol before practicing. If time allows, it is recommended that each method should be practiced for 5-10 minutes as a goal but shorter time periods will also yield good results. People with health concerns should consult their doctor and adjust the time and intensity based on their health.

By Master Cheng Jincai