Ba Fa Routine

Old Frame Single Sword (Jian)

      Names of the Postures

      1. Commencement
      2. Face the Sun
      3. Immortal Points the Way
      4. Green Dragon Emerges from the Water
      5. Protect the Knee
      6. Close the Door
      7. Green Dragon Emerges from the Water
      8. Turn Body, Chopping Down
      9. Green Dragon Turns Its Body
      10. Diagonal Flying
      11. Spread Wings
      12. Lower the Head
      13. Part the Grass to Search for the Snake
      14. Golden Cockerel Stands Alone
      15. Immortal Points the Way
      16. Pushing-Blocking Posture
      17. Ancient Tree Wraps Its Roots
      18. Hungry Tiger Pounces on Its Prey
      19. Green Dragon Sways Its Tail
      20. Reverse Pulling the Forearm
      21. Wild Horse Jumps the Creek
      22. White Snake Flicks Its Tongue
      23. Black Dragon Sways Its Tail
      24. Zhong Kuai Bares His Sword
      25. Lohan Subdues the Tiger

      26. Black Bear Turns Its Back 
      27. Swallow Pecks at the Mud 
      28. White Snake Flicks Its Tongue 
      29. Diagonal Flying 
      30. Eagle and Bear Matches Wits 
      31. Swallow Pecks the Mud 
      32. Pluck the Star to Alter the Constellations 
      33. Scoop the Moon from the Bottom of the Sea 
      34. Phoenix Nods Its Head 
      35. Swallow Pecks the Mud 
      36. White Snake Flicks Its Tongue 
      37. Diagonal Flying 
      38. Support a Thousand Pounds on the Left 
      39. Support a Thousand Pounds on the Right 
      40. Swallow Pecks the Mud 
      41. White Ape Presents Fruit 
      42. Falling Flowers 
      43. Up, Down, Diagonal Thrust 
      44. Diagonal Flying 
      45. Na Zha Explores the Sea 
      46. Great Python Turns Its Body 
      47. Wei Tuo Presents the Staff 
      48. Millstone Grinding Sword 
      49. Taiji Sword Returns to Its Origin


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