Ba Fa Routine

Pear Blossom Spear/White Ape Staff Form

(Li Hua Qiang Jia Bai Yuan Gun)

Names of the Postures
  1. Yaksha Explores the Sea
  2. Full Martial Flower
  3. Middle-Level Thrust
  4. Three Quick Thrusts
  5. Upper-Level Thrust
  6. Swing the Pearl-Beaded Curtain
  7. Lower-Level Thrust
  8. Stamp and Thrust
  9. Green Dragon Bares Its Claws
  10. Advance Forward, Pierce with Spear
  11. Sweep Ground, Block Stab from the Side
  12. Step Forward, Two Strikes
  13. Yellow Dragon Flicks the Staff
  14. Diverting Pierce
  15. Half Martial Flower
  16. Block Attacks at Waist
  17. Turn Around, Half Martial Flower
  18. Press Down on the Snake
  19. Flick the Spear
  20. Pierce with Spear
  21. Two-Finishing Thrusts
  22. Wave the Banner on the Left
  23. Heaven-Piercing Thrust
  24. Wave the Banner on the Right
  25. Iron Ox Plows the Earth
  26. Turn Around, Half Martial Flower
  27. Water-Dripping Spear
  28. Two Finishing Thrusts
  29. Step Forward and Ride the Dragon
  30. Part the Grass to Search for a Snake
  31. Step Back, White Ape Drags the Spear
  32. Turn Around, Pin Black Dragon into the Cave
  33. Stamp and Snatch the Pipa
  34. Advance Forward, Two Strikes
  35. Wield the Banner to Sweep the Ground
  36. Mount Tai Crushes the Egg

37. Turn Around, Half Martial Flower 
38. Agile Cat Pounces on the Mouse 
39. Strike from the Left 
40. Strike from the Right 
41. Turn and Thrust 
42. Flick the Heel 
43. Single Hand Thrust 
44. Full Martial Flower 
45. Er Lang Carries the Mountain 
46. Sweep the Spear 
47. Half Martial Flower 
48. Lower Thrust 
49. Turn Around, Half Martial Flower 
50. Sparrow Hawk Swoops Down on Quail 
51. Sweep Right 
52. Flick Heel 
53. Finishing Thrust 
54. Full Martial Flower 
55. Er Lang Carries the Mountain 
56. Sweep the Spear 
57. Half Martial Flower 
58. Beautiful Maiden Holds a Needle 
59. Fair Maiden Works at the Shuttles 
60. Thrust to the Throat 
61. Turn and Sweep 
62. Full Martial Flower 
63. Protect the Knee 
64. Two Finishing Thrusts 
65. Old Dragon Sways Its Tail 
66. Forward Block 
67. Forward Block 
68. Block Left 
69. Block Right 
70. Half Martial Flower 
71. Tai Gong Goes Fishing 
72. Step Forward, Mount the Horse, and Thrust Back



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