Ba Fa Routine


      Double Saber (Shuang Dao)

      Names of the Postures
      1. Full Martial Flower and Face the Sun
      2. Three Cuts, Face the Sun
      3. Cut and Jump
      4. Advance Forward, Three Cuts
      5. Swallow Departs on Golden Wings
      6. Wild Goose Parts from the Flock
      7. One Cut, Face the Sun
      8. Insert Flower (Left)
      9. Insert Flower (Right)
      10. Two Cuts, Face the Sun
      11. Two Cuts, Butterfly Draws Water
      12. One Cut, Face the Sun
      13. Insert Flower (Left)
      14. Insert Flower (Right)
      15. Two Cuts, Face the Sun
      16. Two Cuts, Subdue the Tiger
      17. One Cut, Face the Sun
      18. Zhong Kui Brandishes His Sword
      19. Ancient Tree Wraps Roots
      20. Overturn Flower Cut
      21. One Cut, Face the Sun
      22. Stir Left and Right
      23. Two Cuts, Face the Sun
      24. Two Cuts, Change Direction
      25. Tyrant Raises the Censer
      26. Luo Han Subdues the Dragon
      27. Protect the Knee
      28. Cut Horse Left and Right
      29. Two Cuts, Face the Sun
      30. White Snake Flicks Tongue
      31. Commit to Left and Right
      32. Step Up and Form Seven Stars
      33. Step Back, Spread Arms
      34. Downward Cut
      35. Closing



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