Ba Fa Routine


      Chen Style Tai Chi 13 Form Long Pole

      1. 青龙出水 Green Dragon Emerges from Water

      2. 童子拜观音 Youngster Prays to Guan Yin

      3. 饿虎扑食 Hungry Tiger Jumps on Its Prey

      4. 拦路虎 Tiger Blocks the Way
      5. 腰拦枪 Cross Waist Parry with the Spear

      6. 斜披橫扫眉 Strike Obliquely to Sweep the Eyebrows

      7. 井欄倒掛 Well Pulleys Hanging Upside Down

      8. 中心入碓 Pound Straight to the Mortar

      9. 俊鳥入巢 Pretty Bird Enters Its Nest

      10. 面披背崩 Chop Forward and Spring Backward

      11. 拖杆 Drag the Pole to Retreat

      12. 黃龙三搅水 Yellow Dragon Stirs Water Three Times

      13. 收回怀中抱月 Hold the Moon in the Arms


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