Yao Restaurant Grand Opening, Southern Chinese Daily News.Thursday, May 26, 2005

Last Saturday, under feverish 90 degrees temperature, Master Cheng Jin Cai led the USA Chen Tai Chi Federation through Yao Restaurant grand opening, located at the intersection of Gessner and Westheimer.

It began with the 20-men formation performing Chen Style Tai Chi 38 form.  The elegant and organized movements, combined with the serene and elegant music, together they brought the audience a soothing sensation as if they were in a fairyland.  Next, Chen Tai Chi competition form and Chen Tai Chi broadsword were demonstrated by Sunny Xu, Alex Li, along with four other youth, and received tremendous applause from the crowd.

Chen Tai Chi is not only suitable for adults, but also one of the most preferred choices of martial arts for children.  It enhances the child’s growth, also enlightens them, and that is why Chen Tai Chi is very much adored by youth students of Chen Tai Chi.

A dragon is a traditional symbol of luck, and USA Chen Tai Chi Federation brought it to the Yao Restaurant with their Dragon Dance performance under leadership of Jason Hunt and Jeff Stovall.  With several years of training and early preparation, their proficient performance brought luck as well as fortune to the grand opening of Yao Restaurant.

Master Cheng Jin Cai of the USA Chen Tai Chi Federation is not only a national judge for Chen Tai Chi, but also the only successor of the 18th generation Grand Master Chen Zhao Kui.   In 1994, Master Cheng Jin Cai was inducted into the Chinese Martial Art Masters Hall of Fame.  In 1998 his name was included in that year’s The Famous Asian Americans in U.S. yearbook.

Former Houston Mayor Lee Brown named December 9 as the Day of Chen-style Tai Chi Chuan in the year of 2001. After Master Cheng Jin Cai’s book was published in 2002, he was called upon to be the consultant for the U.S. National Martial Arts Association. In 2002 he became a member of Board of Advisors for the U.S.A. Wushu-Kungfu Federation, and received an award for Most Outstanding Wushu Master on March 1, 2003.  On April 2, 2005, Master Cheng received a special certificate of recognition from Congressman Al Green in honor of his distinguished service to the Asian-American and Greater Houston Communities. USA Chen Style Tai Chi Federation received a certificate of congressional recognition from Member of Congress Sheila Jackson Lee. Bill White, mayor of the city of Houston, also recognized Master Cheng as a Good Will Ambassador and Honorable Citizen.

With 30 years of teaching experience, Master Cheng Jin Cai instructed and transformed many ordinary citizens into outstanding award-winning students.  If you are interested, or have further inquiry, please call 713-270-6797, or visit the website at

Translate by James Lu.