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Participating in the Jiaozuo International Tai Chi Quan Exchange Competition

On the morning of August 20th, at around 10 o’clock, Master Cheng Jincai led the U.S. representative team to participate in the Jiaozuo City Tai Chi Quan Exchange Competition. They hurriedly traveled from the provincial capital Zhengzhou to the competition venue in Jiaozuo. While on their way to the airport, they received a phone call from Director Li Suxiang of Jiaozuo City. Director Li said, “Master Cheng, please wait for me when you get off the highway. I’ll pick you up to the overseas competition registration office.” As soon as Master Cheng and his team got off the highway, they saw Director Li waiting in front of her car. Upon seeing Master Cheng, she said, “Master Cheng, please take my car.” Master Cheng then got into her car. They exchanged greetings, and Director Li said, “In the previous Jiaozuo City Tai Chi Quan Research Association, Chairman Zhao Gongpei of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference served as the president. You were appointed as the vice president. Recently, under the leadership of the Jiaozuo City Tai Chi Quan Research Association, associations for Chen, Yang, Sun, Wu, and Wu families have been established under the leadership of the Jiaozuo City Tai Chi Quan Research Association. During this competition, the municipal government has also established the Jiaozuo City Wushu Association to lead the Tai Chi Quan Research Association and other martial arts sects. The Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee will also serve as the President of the Jiaozuo City Wushu Association, and they have appointed you as the Vice President. The award ceremony will be held on the evening of the 23rd, so you need to prepare. You will also perform at the opening ceremony tonight.”

While they were speaking, the group had arrived at the Huaiyuan Dasadi Hotel. Cheng Jincai and his team were received by Shi Ke, a staff member of the Jiaozuo Municipal Committee. He assisted them in completing the necessary accommodation and competition registration procedures. Afterward, Cheng Jincai and his team went to the Sports Bureau to process the team leader and athlete documents. The place was crowded, and the weather was hot, making it unbearable to wait. By the time they finished the procedures, it was already around 5 p.m. The organizing committee arranged for Cheng Jincai and his team to stay at the newly built 4-star Jianghai Hotel. After checking in, Cheng Jincai and his team changed into their uniforms, prepared their relevant documents, and joined the 202 teams from 32 countries and regions, more than 2,200 athletes, and friends and guests from all over the world. They boarded dedicated cars from different hotels and headed to the competition venue under the escort of police cars. The fourth Jiaozuo International Tai Chi Quan Exchange Competition, the first National New Rural Farmer Tai Chi Quan Fitness Competition, and the sixth Jiaozuo Shanshui International Tourism Festival, hosted by the Chinese Wushu Association and organized by the Provincial Sports Bureau and the Municipal People’s Government, officially opened.

The Jiaozuo Sports Center was filled with dazzling fireworks, and the Shanyang land became a sea of joy. Starting from 7:30 p.m., national, provincial, and municipal leaders, as well as various guests, gradually ascended the stage. Feng Jianzhong, Deputy Director of the General Administration of Sport of China, Wang Guoqiang, Deputy Minister of the National Health Commission and Director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kong Yufang, member of the Provincial Party Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department, and Vice Governors, including the